Rochester Hills General Dentistry

Dental Cleanings 

Regular dental cleanings are done by our team of highly skilled Dental Hygienists and help prevent issues like tooth decay or gum disease. Hygienists at Oakridge Dental center receive the best training to provide top-tier dental cleanings for our patients. 

Two annual cleanings, one every six months, combined with daily brushing and flossing, are your best defense against significant oral health issues. Book your cleanings today, and relax, knowing that your dental home, Oakridge Dental Center, will do everything in its power to ensure your smile stays healthy for years to come! 

Dental Crowns 

A crown is often recommended to restore weak, cracked, chipped or decaying teeth—you’ll most commonly see this treatment used after root canal therapy. Crowns are placed on top of the remaining portion of the natural tooth—replacing the surface that is no longer strong enough to provide adequate functions like chewing.  Crowns can also be used to cover a dental implant, help hold dental bridges in place, and to provide cover and support for a tooth with a large dental filling that does not have much natural tooth remaining. 

Oakridge Dental Center makes crowns from solid modern porcelain material designed to protect the rest of your natural tooth and last for years to come! 

Composite Fillings 

Have you ever had a dental cavity treated in the past? If the answer is “yes,” chances are you have received a filling before! Fillings are used to replace specific areas of a tooth that have been lost to damage or decay.

Oakridge Dental Center uses composite fillings to repair your teeth. Why? Because Dr. Obeid and his team believe that composite materials tend to complete a smile better, as opposed to metal fillings which can affect your confidence due to their noticeability. 

Dental Bridges 

A dental bridge is a standard tooth loss solution that looks great! Bridges at Oakridge Dental Center are made by placing two crowns on anchoring teeth and connecting them with beautiful, customized artificial porcelain teeth, or “pontics.” In doing this, Dr. Obeid and his team literally “bridge” the gap in your smile caused by the absence of multiple teeth.

So why do we do this? While missing teeth might not be visible depending on the case, gaps can cause several issues for the smile. Suppose there is missing space in the bite. In that case, the teeth shift, causing painful issues like crowding, requiring more elaborate treatments like Invisalign® to fix. Trust your dental home, Oakridge Dental Center, when we say dental bridges are well worth it! 

Dental Sealants 

Dental sealants are thin plastic coatings applied to the top of your back teeth to protect them from decay. By applying sealants to the areas of the tooth where children and teens typically experience decay, you drastically decrease their chances of cavities.

Dr. Obeid and his team can apply dental sealants in one office visit. They will help protect the teeth from cavities for years to come—with regular brushing and flossing, of course! 

Tooth Extractions 

When a tooth has been damaged due to trauma or decay, the preferred approach is to repair it using fillings or a crown. In some cases, the damage is too severe for this, in which case the tooth needs to be extracted by Dr. Obeid. 

Dental extractions at Oakridge Dental Center are quick, and we do everything we can to ensure you are comfortable during the procedure. Suppose you’re worried about having a missing tooth due to extraction. In that case, we offer several treatments to address that problem so you can maintain a confident complete  smile for years to come! 

Digital X-Rays

At Oakridge Dental Center, we are proud to offer all the latest dental technology. Our unique and up-to-date methods allow our patients to receive dental treatment without discomfort Even our dental X-rays are advanced and more convenient offering patients a lower dose of radiation and more comfortable biting surface

Rochester Hills dentist Dr. Obeid and his team use X-rays to provide you with the most thorough dental examination possible. Believe it or not, while teeth might look plain on the outside, they are very much alive—inside and out. Digital X-ray technology allows us to ensure that the interior of your teeth look just as great as the outside, so you always leave your dental home with peace of mind!